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> Implementation of "Parallel Sequence Scan"
> Approach:
> 1."Parallel Sequence Scan" can achieved by using the background
> workers doing the job of actual sequence scan including the
> qualification check also.
> 2. Planner generates the parallel scan plan by checking the possible
> criteria of the table to do a parallel scan and generates the tasks
> (range of blocks).
> 3. In the executor Init phase, Try to copy the necessary data required
> by the workers and start the workers.
> 4. In the executor run phase, just get the tuples which are sent by
> the workers and process them further in the plan node execution.

Well, this is something I've thought quite a bit about already.  Many
of my thoughts on parallelism are here:


Although the page title is parallel sort, many of the concerns are
applicable to parallelism of any sort.

I posted some patches containing some of the necessary infrastructure here:


I seem to have forgotten to add that message to the CommitFest.  Crap.

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