A while back I was working on a little proposal to create a RESTful HTTP
front-end for PostgreSQL and recently I had the inspiration to work on
this.  So I successfully created a background worker for PostgreSQL 9.3
that can use the SPI to list off the databases in a JSON response.

WIP on github: https://github.com/dobesv/restgres/

Now I'm getting into murkier waters and I'm wonder if I can get some
helpful tips to guide my R&D here.

1. Connecting to multiple databases

The background workers can apparently only connect to a single database at
a time, but I want to expose all the databases via the API.

I think I could use libpq to connect to PostgreSQL on localhost but this
might have weird side-effects in terms of authentication, pid use, stuff
like that.

I could probably manage a pool of dynamic workers (as of 9.4), one per
user/database combination or something along those lines.  Even one per
request?  Is there some kind of IPC system in place to help shuttle the
requests and responses between dynamic workers?  Or do I need to come up
with my own?

It seems like PostgreSQL itself has a way to shuttle requests out to
workers, is it possible to tap into that system instead?  Basically some
way to send the requests to a PostgreSQL backend from the background worker?

Or perhaps I shouldn't do this as a worker but rather modify PostgreSQL
itself and do it in a more integrated/destructive manner?

2. Authentication

I was trying to use a function md5_crypt_verify to authenticate the user
using their password, and I believe I am providing the right password but
it's not being accepted.

Any tips on authenticating users in a background worker?   Where should I
be looking for examples?

3. Parallelism

The regular PostgreSQL server can run many queries in parallel, but it
seems like if I am using SPI I could only run one query at a time - it's
not an asynchronous API.

This seems related to the multiple databases issue - either I could use
libpq to translate/forward requests onto PostgreSQL's own worker system or
setup my own little worker pool to run the requests in parallel and have a
way to send the request/response data to/from those workers.

Any help, sage advice, tips, and suggestions how to move forward in these
areas would be muchly appreciated!



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