On 02/09/14 04:47, Dobes Vandermeer wrote:

    Same idea as PgBouncer or PgPool. The advantage over hacking
    PgBouncer/PgPool for the job is that Tomcat can already do a lot
    of what
    you want using built-in, pre-existing functionality. Connection pool
    management, low level REST-style HTTP processing, JSON handling
    etc are
    all done for you.

Yeah, those are nice conveniences but I still think installing Java and getting something to run on startup is a bit more of a hurdle. Better maek life easier up front by having a simple standalone proxy you can compile and run with just whatever is already available on a typical AWS ubuntu environment.

If instead of Tomcat you use Jetty, you can embed the whole app+Jetty+dependencies in a single executable JAR, which easies deployment a lot. Installing a JVM in a Ubuntu environment is just one apt-get and even easier if you use CloudFormation for automation. I don't think is a bad choice at all... you get most of the functionality you want already there, as Craig said, and it's lightweight.

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