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> Sent: 29 October 2002 19:34
> To: Dave Page
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> Subject: Re: [HACKERS] Request for supported platforms
> Attached is a diff to fix the pclose problem.  It turns out 
> there was code in there to make popen/pclose be 
> _popen/_pclose, but it was only in common.c, even in 7.2.3 
> (print.c).  Not sure how it would compile in the past with 
> that.  Maybe it didn't.  Anyway, this is committed and should 
> _help_ with the compile.

Thanks Bruce, builds fine now.

Actually, I'm sure it did just a few weeks ago - We've been developing
pgAdmin III in C++ using libpq on Windows, Linux and FreeBSD for a few
weeks now and we've been using the CVS code.

Regards, Dave

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