Marko Tiikkaja wrote:
> On 2014-08-29 01:00, Alvaro Herrera wrote:

> >Note: I don't like the reindexdb UI; if you just run "reindexdb -d
> >foobar" it will reindex everything, including system catalogs.  I think
> >USER TABLES should be the default operation mode for reindex.   If you
> >want plain old "REINDEX DATABASE foobar" which also hits the catalogs,
> >you should request that separately (how?).  This patch doesn't change
> >this.
> This should probably be a separate patch if it's going to happen.

Yeh, no argument there.

> >Also note: if you say "user tables", information_schema is reindexed too,
> >which kinda sucks.
> *shrug* It sort of makes sense if you think of this as the opposite
> of REINDEX SYSTEM.  I'm not at all sure whether including or
> excluding it would be the better choice here.

Yeah, probably not worth bothering.

> Do we have some kind of an agreement on what this patch should look
> like?  Is someone going to prepare an updated patch?  Vik?

I think the only issue left for this to be committable is reindexdb
--all previously mentioned.

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