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    On 09/02/2014 09:48 AM, Bruce Momjian wrote:

            As a case in point, EDB have spent quite a few man-years on
            their Oracle
            compatibility layer; and it's still not a terribly exact
            match, according
            to my colleagues who have looked at it.  So that is a
            tarbaby I don't
            personally care to touch ... even ignoring the fact that
            cutting off
            EDB's air supply wouldn't be a good thing for the community
            to do.

    What any commercial entity and the Community do are mutually
    exclusive and we can not and should not determine what features we
    will support based on any commercial endeavor.

​From where I sit the "mutually exclusive" argument doesn't seem to be
true - and in fact is something I think would be bad if it were.  We
shouldn't be afraid to add features to core that vendors are offering
but at the same time the fact that the Oracle compatibility aspects are
commercial instead of in-core is a plus to help ensure that there are
people making a decent living off PostgreSQL and thus are invested in

Far more people make a very good living off of PostgreSQL than *any* commercial variant. I stand by what I said. It is not the responsibility or the care of the community what a commercial vendor does or does not do with their fork except, possibly to implement the open source equivalent where it makes sense or where licensing may not be followed. (Read: I don't care about oracle compatibility)

Yeah, we differ there. I think having an Oracle compatibility layer in PostgreSQL would be the-next-big-thing we could have. Oracle is has orders of magnitude bigger user base than postgres has; and having the ability to attract them would bring us many many more users which, in turn, would benefit us all very significantly.

It would be my #1 priority to do in postgres (but yes, I know -guess- how hard and what resources that would require). But dreaming is free :)


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