On 9/4/14 4:09 PM, Shaun Thomas wrote:
On 09/03/2014 04:19 PM, Hannu Krosing wrote:

1. Conditions for number of rows returned by SELECT or touched by

Now that I think upon this... don't we already have it?


No, that just hides any bugs. We want the opposite: any bugs or problems should be obvious. If the query returns or touches more than one row, that should raise an error, not just give you a random one and call it a day.

That already solves the purported problem of multiple results in SELECT
INTO as well. Could we possibly extend that to UPDATE and DELETE syntax too?

Again, this is a different problem, but LIMIT syntax for UPDATE and DELETE has been proposed, see: http://www.postgresql.org/message-id/CADB9FDf-Vh6RnKAMZ4Rrg_YP9p3THdPbji8qe4qkxRuiOwm=m...@mail.gmail.com


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