On Thu, Sep  4, 2014 at 01:14:01PM -0600, Noah Yetter wrote:
> Isn't that exactly what the release note says? 
> "where the new server creates a TOAST table but the old version did not" 
> vs. 
> "where the new cluster needs a TOAST table that the old cluster didn't"

Sorry, yes, I got confused.  We have always handled cases where the old
cluster needed a TOAST table and the new cluster didn't.  The 9.3.5 fix
is to prevent a certain failure for a new-only TOAST table:

        commit 3088cc37044a303fc50857d8d9e7e44b5c250642
        Author: Bruce Momjian <br...@momjian.us>
        Date:   Mon Jul 7 13:24:08 2014 -0400
            pg_upgrade: allow upgrades for new-only TOAST tables
            Previously, when calculations on the need for toast tables changed,
            pg_upgrade could not handle cases where the new cluster needed a 
            table and the old cluster did not.  (It already handled the opposite
            case.)  This fixes the "OID mismatch" error typically generated in 
            Backpatch through 9.2

The post-9.3.5 fix is for OID conflict that _can_ happen from a new-only
TOAST tables:

        commit 4c6780fd17aa43ed6362aa682499cc2f9712cc8b
        Author: Bruce Momjian <br...@momjian.us>
        Date:   Thu Aug 7 14:56:13 2014 -0400
            pg_upgrade: prevent oid conflicts with new-cluster TOAST tables
            Previously, TOAST tables only required in the new cluster could 
            oid conflicts if they were auto-numbered and a later conflicting 
oid had
            to be assigned.
            Backpatch through 9.3

> At any rate, I've additionally observed that the relation which is blowing up
> pg_upgrade is a VIEW in the source cluster but gets created as a TABLE in the
> upgraded cluster, which may better explain why it had no toast table before 
> and
> now it does.  Is this some kind of expected behavior for views?

Uh, it certainly should not be creating a table instead of a view,
though it will get a pg_class entry.

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