On Thu, Sep  4, 2014 at 03:24:05PM -0600, Noah Yetter wrote:
> Doing the upgrade with an installation built from REL9_3_STABLE at
> commit 52eed3d4267faf671dae0450d99982cb9ba1ac52 was successful.
> The view that I saw get re-created as a table doesn't have any circular
> references, or indeed any references to other views, nor do any other views
> reference it.  But since it does seem that there are valid cases where a view
> gets temporarily re-created as a table during an upgrade, I'm going to assume
> it's not a bug per se.  My upgraded cluster using built-from-source binaries
> has these views as views, so when the process is complete they end up in the
> correct state.
> Is there an expected release date for 9.3.6?

I don't know, but your report makes it clear we will need one sooner
rather than later.

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