2014-09-08 6:27 GMT+02:00 Stephen Frost <sfr...@snowman.net>:

> * Pavel Stehule (pavel.steh...@gmail.com) wrote:
> > ignore_nulls in array_to_json_pretty probably is not necessary. On second
> > hand, the cost is zero, and we can have it for API consistency.
> I'm willing to be persuaded either way on this, really.  I do think it
> would be nice for both array_to_json and row_to_json to be single
> functions which take default values, but as for if array_to_json has a
> ignore_nulls option, I'm on the fence and would defer to people who use
> that function regularly (I don't today).
> Beyond that, I'm pretty happy moving forward with this patch.




>         Thanks,
>                 Stephen

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