On 20 September 2014 06:13, Andrew Gierth <and...@tao11.riddles.org.uk> wrote:
>>>>>> "Adam" == Brightwell, Adam <adam.brightw...@crunchydatasolutions.com> 
>>>>>> writes:
>  Adam> At any rate, this appears to be a previously existing issue
>  Adam> with WITH CHECK OPTION.  Thoughts?
> It's definitely an existing issue; you can reproduce it more simply,
> no need to mess with different users.
> The issue as far as I can tell is that the withCheckOption exprs are
> not being processed anywhere in setrefs.c, so it only works at all by
> pure fluke: for most operators, the opfuncid is also filled in by
> eval_const_expressions, but for whatever reason SAOPs escape this
> treatment. Same goes for other similar cases:
> create table colors (name text);
> create view vc1 as select * from colors where name is distinct from 'grue' 
> with check option;
> create view vc2 as select * from colors where name in ('red','green','blue') 
> with check option;
> create view vc3 as select * from colors where nullif(name,'grue') is null 
> with check option;
> insert into vc1 values ('red'); -- fails
> insert into vc2 values ('red'); -- fails
> insert into vc3 values ('red'); -- fails

Oh dear. I remember thinking at the time I wrote the WITH CHECK OPTION
stuff that I needed to check all the places that did returningLists
processing, because they would probably need similar processing for
withCheckOptionLists, but somehow I missed that one place.

Fortunately it looks pretty trivial though. The patch attached fixes
the above test cases.

Obviously this needs to be fixed in 9.4 and HEAD.

diff --git a/src/backend/optimizer/plan/setrefs.c b/src/backend/optimizer/plan/setrefs.c
new file mode 100644
index 5bf84c1..9ddc8ad
*** a/src/backend/optimizer/plan/setrefs.c
--- b/src/backend/optimizer/plan/setrefs.c
*************** set_plan_refs(PlannerInfo *root, Plan *p
*** 696,701 ****
--- 696,704 ----
  				Assert(splan->plan.targetlist == NIL);
  				Assert(splan->plan.qual == NIL);
+ 				splan->withCheckOptionLists =
+ 					fix_scan_list(root, splan->withCheckOptionLists, rtoffset);
  				if (splan->returningLists)
  					List	   *newRL = NIL;
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