* Pavan Deolasee ( wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 22, 2014 at 6:50 PM, Stephen Frost <> wrote:
> > I agree that it looks like there may be a race condition there- but
> > could you provide the test cases you're working with?  What kind of
> > behavior is it that's making it show up easily for you?
> >
> Nothing special really. Set up a 2-node sync replication on my Mac laptop
> and running pgbench with 10 clients triggers it. As I said, after looking
> at the code and realising that there is a race condition, I tried with with
> gdb to reproduce the race I suspect.

Well, that's a bit concerning.

> Anyways, the attached patch should trigger the race condition for a simple
> query. I'm deliberately making backend to wait to give walsender a chance
> to send outstanding WALs and then making walsender to wait so that
> assertion is triggered in the backend.

Great, thanks, I'll try and look into this tomorrow.


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