* Andres Freund ( wrote:
> Heikki has marked the patch as 'ready for commiter' in the commitfest
> (conditional on his remarks being addressed) and I agree. There seems to
> be little benefit in waiting further. There *definitely* will be some
> platform dependant issues, but that won't change by waiting longer.

Agreed.  I won't claim to have done as good a review as others, but I've
been following along as best I've been able to.

> I plan to commit this quite soon unless somebody protests really
> quickly.

+1 from me for at least moving forward to see what happens.

> Sorting out the issues on platforms I don't have access to based on
> buildfarm feedback will take a while given how infrequent some of the
> respective animals run... But that's just life.

The buildfarm is another tool (as well as Coverity) that provides a lot
of insight into issues we may not realize ahead of time, but using them
(currently) means we have to eventually go beyond looking at the code
individually and actually commit it.

I'm very excited to see this progress and trust you, Heikki, Robert, and
the others involved in this work to have done an excellent job and to be
ready and prepared to address any issues which come from it, or to pull
it out if it turns out to be necessary (which I seriously doubt, but



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