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    On 09/27/2014 10:52 PM, Tom Lane wrote:

        Andrew Dunstan <and...@dunslane.net> writes:

            On 09/27/2014 06:27 PM, Tom Lane wrote:

                So my vote is for a separate function and no optional

            You mean like row_to_json_no_nulls() and json_agg_no_nulls()?

        I thought you were proposing that we should revert the
        committed patch
        lock-stock-n-barrel, and instead invent json_strip_null_fields().
        That's instead, not in addition to.  Even if you weren't
        saying that
        exactly, that's where my vote goes.

    I was just exploring alternatives. But I think that's where my
    vote goes too.

I'm fine with that. I'd like the strip-Nulls capability, but seems like it'd be better off as an independent function (or functions) instead.

Unlike the row_to_json stuff, json{b}_strip_null_fields() can almost certainly be done as a small extension. One advantage of that is that it would be used with 9.4.



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