On Wed, Oct 1, 2014 at 8:38 PM, Andres Freund <>

> 0001) Old WIP patch for pg_recvlogical tests. Useful for easier
> development.
>From where is this patch? Is it some rest from the time when pg_recvlogical
was developed?

> 0002) Copy editing that should be in 9.4
Definitely makes sense for a backpatch.

> 0003) Rebased patches of yours
0004) My changes to 0003 besides the rebase. This'll be squashed, but I
>       thought it might be interesting for you.
(thanks for caring)
-    /* Drop a replication slot */
+    /* Drop a replication slot. */
I don't recall that comments on a single line have a dot even if this
single line is a complete sentence.

-static void StreamLog();
+static void StreamLogicalLog();
Not related at all to those patches, but for correctness it is better to
add a declaration "(void)".
Except those small things the changes look good to me.


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