Thanks to everyone's who's reviewed a patch so far. One last crunch, and we'll be through.

We have 7 patches left in Needs Review state:

pg_receivexlog: addition of --create/--drop to create/drop repslots

  Waiting for Magnus. Amit promised to take a look if Magnus continues
  to be busy.

Sort support for text with strxfrm() poor man's keys

  Robert? What do you think of Peter's latest patch?

add latency limit to pgbench throttling (--rate)

  I'm waiting for Greg Smith to have a look at the latest patch.

Escaping from blocked send() by pg_terminate_backend().

  Andres posted a patch series using a completely different approach. I
  guess this should be just marked as returned with feedback, if we're
  going to pursue the different approach instead.

Fix local_preload_libraries to work as expected.
pg_dump refactor to remove global variables

  Peter: Ping? Will you have the time to review these?

Fix xpath() to return namespace definitions (fixes the issue with nested or repeated xpath())

Peter, you've done some XML stuff before; could you have a look at this too?

- Heikki

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