(2014/08/28 18:00), Etsuro Fujita wrote:
(2014/08/22 11:51), Noah Misch wrote:
Today's ANALYZE VERBOSE messaging for former inheritance parents
(tables with
relhassubclass = true but no pg_inherits.inhparent links) is
deceptive, and I
welcome a fix to omit the spurious message.  As defects go, this is quite
minor.  There's fundamentally no value in collecting inheritance tree
statistics for such a parent, and no PostgreSQL command will do so.

credible alternative is to emit a second message indicating that we
the inheritance tree statistics after all, and why we skipped them.

I'd like to address this by emitting the second message as shown below:

A separate patch (analyze.patch) handles the former case in a similar way.

I'll add to the upcoming CF, the analyze.patch as an independent item, which emits a second message indicating that we skipped the inheritance tree statistics and why we skipped them.


Best regards,
Etsuro Fujita
*** a/src/backend/commands/analyze.c
--- b/src/backend/commands/analyze.c
*** 1478,1483 **** acquire_inherited_sample_rows(Relation onerel, int elevel,
--- 1478,1487 ----
  		/* CCI because we already updated the pg_class row in this command */
  		SetRelationHasSubclass(RelationGetRelid(onerel), false);
+ 		ereport(elevel,
+ 				(errmsg("skipping analyze of \"%s.%s\" inheritance tree --- this inheritance tree contains no child tables",
+ 						get_namespace_name(RelationGetNamespace(onerel)),
+ 						RelationGetRelationName(onerel))));
  		return 0;
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