* Andres Freund (and...@2ndquadrant.com) wrote:
> On 2014-10-28 09:24:18 -0400, Stephen Frost wrote:
> > There is no doubt that consensus on the desirability and design needs
> > to be reached before we can even consider committing it.  I suspect
> > Adam posted it simply because he had identified issues himself and
> > wanted to make others aware that things had been fixed.
> > 
> > That said, it sounds like the primary concern has been if we want this
> > feature at all and there hasn't been much discussion of the design
> > itself.
> Well, why waste time on the technical details when we haven't agreed
> that the feature is worthwile? Review bandwidth is a serious problem in
> this community.

Fair enough, and I'm happy to discuss that (and have been..); I was
simply objecting to the implication that the desirability concerns
raised were design concerns- the only design concern raised was wrt
it being possibly too heavyweight and the PGC_SUSET GUC suggestion (at
least, based on my re-reading of the thread..).



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