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>> Might I gently enquire what the "something usable" we are going to see
>> in this release? I'm not up on current plans.
> I don't know how far I'm going to get for this release yet.  I think
> pg_background is a pretty good milestone, and useful in its own right.
> I would like to get something that's truly parallel working sooner
> rather than later, but this group locking issue is one of 2 or 3
> significant hurdles that I need to climb over first.

pg_background is very cute, but really its not really a step forward,
or at least very far. It's sounding like you've already decided that
is as far as we're going to get this release, which I'm disappointed

Given your description of pg_background it looks an awful lot like
infrastructure to make Autonomous Transactions work, but it doesn't
even do that. I guess it could do in a very small additional patch, so
maybe it is useful for something.

You asked for my help, but I'd like to see some concrete steps towards
an interim feature so I can see some benefit in a clear direction.

Can we please have the first step we discussed? Parallel CREATE INDEX?
(Note the please)

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