On Wed, Nov 5, 2014 at 6:29 AM, Peter Eisentraut <pete...@gmx.net> wrote:

> On 11/4/14 3:21 PM, Alvaro Herrera wrote:
> > FWIW I gave this a trial run and found I needed some tweaks to test.sh
> > and the Makefile in order to make it work on VPATH; mainly replace ./
> > with `dirname $0` in a couple test.sh in a couple of places, and
> > something similar in the Makefile.  Also you have $PG_ROOT_DIR somewhere
> > which doesn't work.
> I also saw some bashisms in the script.
> Maybe the time for shell-based test scripts has passed?
Except pg_upgrade, are there other tests using bash?

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