Michael Paquier wrote:

> Now, do we really want this feature in-core? That's somewhat a duplicate of
> what is mentioned here:
> http://www.postgresql.org/message-id/CAB7nPqQMq=4ejak317mxz4has0i+1rslbqu29zx18jwlb2j...@mail.gmail.com
> Of course both things do not have the same coverage as the former is for
> buildfarm and dev, while the latter is dedidated to production systems, but
> could be used for development as well.

Oh, I had forgotten that other patch.

> The patch sent there is a bit outdated, but a potential implementation gets
> simpler with XLogReadBufferForRedo able to return flags about each block
> state during redo. I am still planning to come back to it for this cycle,
> though I stopped for now waiting for the WAL format patches finish to shape
> the APIs this feature would rely on.

I agree it makes sense to wait until the WAL reworks are done -- glad
to hear you're putting some time in this area.


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