On 2014-12-19 22:03:55 -0600, Jim Nasby wrote:
> I'm not suggesting we change BufferTag or BufferLookupEnt; clearly we
> can't simply throw away any of the fields I was talking about (well,
> except possibly tablespace ID. AFAICT that's completely redundant for
> searching because relid is UNIQUE).

It's actually not. BufferTag's contain relnodes via RelFileNode - that's
not the relation's oid, but the filenode. And that's *not* guranteed
unique across database unfortunately.

> What I am thinking is not using all of those fields in their raw form to 
> calculate the hash value. IE: something analogous to:
> hash_any(SharedBufHash, (rot(forkNum, 2) | dbNode) ^ relNode) << 32 | 
> blockNum)
> perhaps that actual code wouldn't work, but I don't see why we couldn't do 
> something similar... am I missing something?

I don't think that'd improve anything. Jenkin's hash does have a quite
mixing properties, I don't believe that the above would improve the
quality of the hash.


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