On 2014-12-25 16:01:47 -0500, Tom Lane wrote:
> In any case, it now seems dead certain that this is a recently introduced
> bug.  Andres is fortunate that the first instance occurred before his
> recent batch of commits, or I'd be on him to revert them.

Yes, Phew. These look rather odd.

> As is, though,
> I'm wondering if 37de8de9e33606a043e98fee64b5595aedaa8254 could possibly
> be related.

I really can't imagine how. If a additional barrier in that place can
cause such problems we'd surely have more reports by an accidental wait
in the right place than these.

My guess is that it's related to d7ee82e50f. It seems realistic that the
event trigger added by it to the object_address test can cause errors at
varying times.

I wonder if it'd not be a good idea if the event trigger code installed
a error context callback? Since they can be called in situations we
don't routinely expect that'd make diagnosis in many cases easier.


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