Tom Lane wrote:
> Andres Freund <> writes:
> > My guess is that it's related to d7ee82e50f. It seems realistic that the
> > event trigger added by it to the object_address test can cause errors at
> > varying times.
> [ squint... ]  Event triggers are global across the whole database, aren't
> they?  Isn't it frickin insane to run a test like this in parallel with
> others?

Well, the event trigger function is BEGIN END; so I don't think it
should affect anything.

> Not but what it seems to be exposing some bugs.

That seems to me a good thing ... a bit inconvenient of course, but it
beats having users get strange behavior which they can't possibly debug.

> Still, I don't think this is a reasonable test design.  We have
> absolutely no idea what behaviors are being triggered in the other
> tests, except that they are unrelated to what those tests think they
> are testing.

I can of course move it to a separate parallel test, but I don't think
that should be really necessary.

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