On 12/28/2014 07:49 PM, Ravi Kiran wrote:
> Thank you for the response sir, I am running both the eclipse and the
> client under the same user name which is ravi, I have installed postgres
> source code under the user ravi not postgres,

It doesn't matter how you installed it. How you *run* it matters. If the
postgresql processes run as user 'ravi' and so does Eclipse, then your
problem is the one in the article I already sent you a link to, and you
should follow those instructions.

> should I change it and
> work under postgres

No. If you read my explanation you would understand that this would just
make it worse, because you can't attach to a process under a different
user id.

> and for that to happen should I uninstall the whole
> postgres and re install under the new user postgres.

That won't help.

By the way, it looks like you also posted this to Stack Overflow:


It's OK to do that, but *please mention you posted somewhere else too*
or preferably link to the relevant article in the mailing list archives.

Also, when replying to mail on a list, please reply-to-all.

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