On 12/28/2014 04:58 PM, Noah Misch wrote:
On Sat, Oct 11, 2014 at 09:07:46AM -0400, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
On 10/11/14 1:41 AM, Noah Misch wrote:
Good question.  It would be nice to make the change there, for the benefit of
other consumers.  The patch's setlocale_native_forked() assumes it never runs
in a multithreaded process, but libintl_setlocale() must not assume that.  I
see a few ways libintl/gnulib might proceed:
Yeah, it's difficult to see how they might proceed if they keep calling
into Core Foundation, which might do anything, now or in the future.

I went ahead and submitted a bug report to gettext:

(They way I understand it is that the files concerned originate in
gettext and are copied to gnulib.)

Let's see what they say.
The gettext maintainer was open to implementing the setlocale_native_forked()
technique in gettext, though the last visible progress was in October.  In any
event, PostgreSQL builds will see older gettext for several years.  If
setlocale-darwin-fork-v1.patch is not wanted, I suggest making the postmaster
check during startup whether it has become multithreaded.  If multithreaded:

   FATAL: postmaster became multithreaded during startup
   HINT: Set the LC_ALL environment variable to a valid locale.

I wondered whether to downgrade FATAL to LOG in back branches.  Introducing a
new reason to block startup is disruptive for a minor release, but having the
postmaster deadlock at an unpredictable later time is even more disruptive.  I
am inclined to halt startup that way in all branches.

Yeah. It should be easily fixable, AIUI, and startup is surely a good and obvious time to to that.

I like the idea of calling pthread_is_threaded_np() as a verification.
This appears to be a OS X-specific function at the moment.  If other
platforms start adding it, then we'll run into the usual problems of how
to link binaries that use pthread functions.  Maybe that's not a
realistic concern.
True.  As written, "configure" will report the function unavailable if it
requires threading libraries.  For a measure that's just a backstop against
other bugs, that may be just right.

I would like to go ahead and commit setlocale-main-harden-v1.patch, which is a
good thing to have regardless of what happens with gettext.

I'm OK with this, but on its own it won't fix orangutan's problems, will it?



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