Alvaro Herrera wrote:

> Patch 0005 adds getObjectIdentityParts(), which returns the object
> identity in arrays that can be passed to pg_get_object_address.  This
> part needs slight revisions so I'm not sure I will be able to push
> tomorrow.

Here's a fresh version of this patch.  I chose to add a SQL-accessible
version, pg_identify_object_as_address, to make it easier to test.  In
doing so I noticed a couple of bugs, and most interestingly I noticed
that it was essentially impossible to cleanly address an array type;
doing a roundtrip through the new functions would get me the base type
when I used "integer[]" but the array type when I used "_int4".  This
looked like a problem, so I traced through it and noticed that we're
using the type name *list* as a list, rather than as a TypeName, to
refer to OBJECT_TYPE and OBJECT_DOMAIN; I hadn't understood the
significance of this until I realized that domains would be represented
with arrayBounds set to a non-empty list for the integer[] syntax, but
the name list would have "pg_catalog integer" only; when the rest of
TypeName was discarded, the fact that we were talking about an array was
completely forgotten.  Before the dawn of time we had this:

-static void
-CommentType(List *typename, char *comment)
-   TypeName   *tname;
-   Oid         oid;
-   /* XXX a bit of a crock; should accept TypeName in COMMENT syntax */
-   tname = makeTypeNameFromNameList(typename);

where the XXX comment was removed by commit c10575ff005c330d047534562
without a corresponding comment in the new function.

I'm going to see about changing the grammar to get this fixed; this
patch is important because it will enable us to complete^Wcontinue
working on the DDL deparse testing framework.

Álvaro Herrera      
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