On Thu, Oct 16, 2014 at 7:01 AM, Alvaro Herrera
<alvhe...@2ndquadrant.com> wrote:
> Alvaro Herrera wrote:
>> Andres Freund wrote:
>> > Having reread the patch just now I basically see two things to
>> > criticize:
>> > a) why isn't this accessible at SQL level? That seems easy to address.
>> > b) Arguably some of this could well be done in separate commits.
>> Fair comments.  I will split it up.
> Here's a split version.  The last part is still missing some polish --
> in particular handling for OBJECT_POLICY, and the SQL interface which
> would also allow us to get something in the regression tests.
> Note: in this patch series you can find the ObjectTypeMap thing that you
> thought was obsolete in the DDL deparse patch ...

This patch has had no activity for the last two months, is in "Needs
Review" state and has marked as reviewer Dimitri. As there is no
activity from the reviewer, I am moving that to CF 2014-12 and
removing Dimitri as reviewer. If someone wants to have a look at this
patch, feel free to do so. Dimitri, if you are still planning to look
at it, please re-add your name.

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