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> * Robert Haas (robertmh...@gmail.com) wrote:
>> On Wed, Jan 7, 2015 at 4:04 AM, Dean Rasheed <dean.a.rash...@gmail.com> 
>> wrote:
>> > I think the policies applied should depend on the path taken, so if it
>> > does an INSERT, then only the INSERT CHECK policy should be applied
>> > (after the insert), but if it ends up doing an UPDATE, I would expect
>> > the UPDATE USING policy to be applied (before the update) and the
>> > UPDATE CHECK policy to be applied (after the update). I would not
>> > expect the INSERT CHECK policy to be applied on the UPDATE path.
>> I agree.
> I can certainly understand the appeal of this approach, but I don't
> think it makes sense.  Consider what happens later on down the road,
> after the code has been written and deployed using INSERT .. ON CONFLICT
> UPDATE where 99% of the time only one path or the other is taken.  Then
> the other path is taken and suddenly the exact same command and row ends
> up returning errors.

I'd say: that's life.  If you don't test your policies, they might not work.

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