Tom Lane wrote:
> Andrew Gierth <> writes:
> > So while helping someone with an unrelated issue, I did a quick query to
> > look for collation-dependent indexes, and was rather shocked to find
> > that not only are there two such in the system catalogs, both set to
> > "default" collation, but that one of them is in a _shared_ catalog
> > (pg_shseclabel).
> > How did that happen? And how could it possibly work?
> It probably doesn't, and the reason nobody has noticed is that the
> security label stuff has fewer users than I have fingers (and those
> people aren't using provider names that would cause anything interesting
> to happen).

The BDR code has recently started using security labels as a place to
store table-specific data.  That widens its use a fair bit ... and most
likely, other extensions will also start using them as soon as they
realize that it can be used for stuff other than actual security labels.

(FWIW we shouldn't have called these "security labels" but just
generically "labels" or something like that.)

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