On Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at 3:29 AM, Petr Jelinek <p...@2ndquadrant.com> wrote:
> I didn't add the whole page visibility caching as the tuple ids we get
from sampling methods don't map well to the visibility info we get from
heapgetpage (it maps to the values in the rs_vistuples array not to to its
indexes). Commented about it in code also.

I think we should set pagemode for system sampling as it can
have dual benefit, one is it will allow us caching tuples and other
is it can allow us pruning of page which is done in heapgetpage().
Do you see any downside to it?

Few other comments:

Current patch fails to apply, minor change is required:
patching file `src/backend/utils/misc/Makefile'
Hunk #1 FAILED at 15.
1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving rejects to

Few warnings in code (compiled on windows(msvc))
1>src\backend\utils\tablesample\bernoulli.c(217): warning C4305: '=' :
truncation from 'double' to 'float4'
1>src\backend\utils\tablesample\system.c(177): warning C4305: '=' :
truncation from 'double' to 'float4'

+static void
+InitScanRelation(SampleScanState *node, EState *estate, int eflags,
+ TableSampleClause *tablesample)
+ /*
+ * Page at a time mode is useless for us as we need to check visibility
+ * of tuples individually because tuple offsets returned by sampling
+ * methods map to rs_vistuples values and not to its indexes.
+ */
+ node->ss.ss_currentScanDesc->rs_pageatatime = false;

Modifying scandescriptor in nodeSamplescan.c looks slightly odd,
Do we modify this way at anyother place?

I think it is better to either teach heap_beginscan_* api's about
it or expose it via new API in heapam.c

+ *tuples = path->rows * samplesize;

It seems above calculation considers all rows in table are of
equal size and hence multiplying directly with samplesize will
give estimated number of rows for sample method, however if
row size varies then this calculation might not give right
results.  I think if possible we should consider the possibility
of rows with varying sizes else we can at least write a comment
to indicate the possibility of improvement for future.


  * Given "UPDATE foo set set ...", we have to decide without looking any

Unrelated line removed.

@@ -13577,6 +13608,7 @@ reserved_keyword:

Have you tried to investigate the reason why it is giving shift/reduce
error for unreserved category and if we are not able to resolve that,
then at least we can try to make it in some less restrictive category.
I tried (on windows) by putting it in (type_func_name_keyword:) and
it seems to be working.

To investigate, you can try with information at below link:

Basically I think we should try some more before concluding
to change the category of REPEATABLE and especially if we
want to make it a RESERVED keyword.

On a related note, it seems you have agreed upthread with
Kyotaro-san for below change, but I don't see the same in latest patch:

diff --git a/src/backend/parser/gram.y b/src/backend/parser/gram.y
index 4578b5e..8cf09d5 100644
--- a/src/backend/parser/gram.y
+++ b/src/backend/parser/gram.y
@@ -10590,7 +10590,7 @@ tablesample_clause:

-                       REPEATABLE '(' AexprConst ')'   { $$ = (Node *) $3;
+                       REPEATABLE '(' a_expr ')'       { $$ = (Node *) $3;
                        | /*EMPTY*/
    { $$ = NULL; }

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