On 03/15/15 16:21, Petr Jelinek wrote:

I also did all the other adjustments we talked about up-thread and
rebased against current master (there was conflict with 31eae6028).


I did a review of the version submitted on 03/15 today, and only found a few minor issues:

1) The documentation of the pg_tablesample_method catalog is missing
   documentation of the 'tsmpagemode' column, which was added later.

2) transformTableEntry() in parse_clause modifies the comment, in a way
   that made sense before part of the code was moved to a separate
   function. I suggest to revert the comment changes, and instead add
   the comment to transformTableSampleEntry()

3) The "shared" parts of the block sampler in sampling.c (e.g. in
   BlockSampler_Next) reference Vitter's algorithm (both the code and
   comments) which is a bit awkward as the only part that uses it is
   analyze.c. The other samplers using this code (system / bernoulli)
   don't use Vitter's algorithm.

   I don't think it's possible to separate this piece of code, though.
   It simply has to be in there somewhere, so I'd recommend adding here
   a simple comment explaining that it's needed because of analyze.c.

Otherwise I think the patch is OK. I'll wait for Petr to fix these issues, and then mark it as ready for committer.

What do you think, Amit? (BTW you should probably add yourself as reviewer in the CF app, as you've provided a lot of feedback here.)

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