On 03/03/2015 04:14 PM, Julien Tachoires wrote:
On 30/12/2014 03:48, Andreas Karlsson wrote:
- A test fails in create_view.out. I looked some into it and did not see
how this could happen.


I can't reproduce this issue.

Neither can I anymore.

- pg_dump is broken

      pg_dump: [archiver (db)] query failed: ERROR:  syntax error at or
near "("
      LINE 1: ...nest(tc.reloptions) x), ', ') AS toast_reloptions
(SELECT sp...


I still get a failing pg_dump test though when running make check-world. And it does not work when run manually either.

+ pg_dumpall -f /home/andreas/dev/postgresql/contrib/pg_upgrade/tmp_check/dump1.sql
pg_dump: column number -1 is out of range 0..28
cannot duplicate null pointer (internal error)
pg_dumpall: pg_dump failed on database "postgres", exiting
+ pg_dumpall1_status=1
+ [ /home/andreas/dev/postgresql != /home/andreas/dev/postgresql ]
+ /home/andreas/dev/postgresql/contrib/pg_upgrade/tmp_check/install//home/andreas/dev/postgresql-inst/bin/pg_ctl -m fast stop
waiting for server to shut down.... done
server stopped
+ [ -n  ]
+ [ -n  ]
+ [ -n 1 ]
+ echo pg_dumpall of pre-upgrade database cluster failed
pg_dumpall of pre-upgrade database cluster failed
+ exit 1
+ rm -rf /tmp/pg_upgrade_check-5A3wsI

- I do not like how \d handles the toast tablespace. Having TOAST in
pg_default and the table in another space looks the same as if there was
no TOAST table at all. I think we should always print both tablespaces
if either of them are not pg_default.

If we do it that way, we should always show the tablespace even if it's
pg_default in any case to be consistent. I'm pretty sure that we don't
want that.

I think we will have to agree to disagree here. I think it should be obvious when the toast table is in the default tablespace for tables outside it.

- Would it be interesting to add syntax for moving the toast index to a
separate tablespace?

-1, we just want to be able to move TOAST heap, which is supposed to
contain a lot of data and we want to move on a different storage device
/ filesystem.

I think we should allow moving the indexes for consistency. With this patch we can move everything except for TOAST indexes.

- There is no warning if you set the toast table space of a table
lacking toast. I think there should be one.

A notice is raised now in that case.

Excellent, also add a test case for this.

- Missing periods on the ALTER TABLE manual page after "See also CREATE
TABLESPACE" (in two places).

- Missing period last in the new paragraph added to the storage manual page.

I don't understand those 2 last points ?

I mean that "TOAST table can be moved to a different tablespace with <command>ALTER TABLE SET TOAST TABLESPACE</>" should be changed to "TOAST table can be moved to a different tablespace with <command>ALTER TABLE SET TOAST TABLESPACE</>." since a sentece should always end in ".".

= New comments

- The patch does not apply cleanly anymore, I had to solve to minor conflicts.

- Rewrap the documentation for SET TABLESPACE.

- You have added a tab in alter_table.sgml.

- Merge "case AT_SetTableTableSpace:" and "case AT_SetToastTableSpace:" where they both do the same thing, i.e. nothing.

- Should it not be foo_mv in the query from the test suite below?

SELECT spcname FROM pg_class c JOIN pg_class d ON (c.reltoastrelid=d.oid) JOIN pg_tablespace ON (d.reltablespace = pg_tablespace.oid) WHERE c.relname = 'foo2';

Andreas Karlsson

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