On 10/03/2015 13:27, Alvaro Herrera wrote:
> Robert Haas wrote:
>> On Mon, Mar 9, 2015 at 7:26 PM, Andreas Karlsson <andr...@proxel.se> wrote:
>>> I think we should allow moving the indexes for consistency. With this patch
>>> we can move everything except for TOAST indexes.
>> It might make sense to always put the TOAST index with the TOAST
>> table, but it seems strange to put the TOAST index with the heap and
>> the TOAST table someplace else.  Or at least, that's how it seems to
>> me.
> Agreed.  It doesn't seem necessary to allow moving the toast index to a
> tablespace other than the one containing the toast table.  In other
> words, if you move the toast table, the index always follows it, and
> there's no option to move it independently.

This behaviour is already implemented, the TOAST index always follows
the TOAST table. I'll add a couple of regression tests about it.


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