On 22/02/15 01:59, Petr Jelinek wrote:
On 21/02/15 22:09, Andrew Dunstan wrote:

On 02/16/2015 09:05 PM, Petr Jelinek wrote:

I found one more issue with the 1.2--1.3 upgrade script, the DROP
FUNCTION pg_stat_statements(); should be DROP FUNCTION
pg_stat_statements(bool); since in 1.2 the function identity has

I think all the outstanding issues are fixed in this patch.

I think PGSS_FILE_HEADER should be also updated, otherwise it's good.

I see you marked this as 'needs review', I am marking it as 'ready for committer' as it looks good to me.

Just don't forget to update the PGSS_FILE_HEADER while committing (I think that one can be threated same way as catversion, ie be updated by committer and not in patch submission).

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