On 17 April 2015 at 12:54, Stephen Frost <sfr...@snowman.net> wrote:
> Dean, I've been working through your patches over the past couple of
> days (apologies for the lack of updates, just been busy) and hope to
> push them very shortly (ie: by the end of the weekend).

Cool. Thanks.

> One thing that I was hoping to discuss a bit is that I've gone ahead and
> added another set of hooks, so we can have both "permissive" and
> "restrictive" policies be provided from the hook.  It's a bit late to
> make the grammar and other changes which would be required to add a
> "restrictive" policy option to the built-in RLS, but adding the hooks is
> relatively low-impact.

Sounds interesting. Perhaps that discussion should be moved to a new thread.

> I'm also going to be including a test_rls_hooks module into
> src/test/modules which will test those hooks and provide an example of
> how to use them.

Good idea. I had been thinking that it would be good to test RLS hooks.

> As for the discussion- there was some concern raised about extensions
> being able to "override" built-in policies by using the hooks a certain
> way.  I don't entirely follow the logic behind that concern as an
> extension has the ability to read the files on disk directly from C
> code, should it be written to do so, and so not providing a hook to add
> "permissive" policies is denying useful functionality for very question
> gain, in my view at least.
> Thoughts?

Yeah, perhaps that concern is somewhat overblown and shouldn't stand
in the way of allowing a hook to add permissive policies.


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