Robert Haas wrote:

> I think that if you commit this the way you have it today, everybody
> will go, oh, look, Stephen committed something, but it looks
> complicated, I won't pay attention.

Yeah, that sucks.

> Finally, you've got the idea of making pg_ a reserved prefix for
> roles, adding some predefined roles, and giving them some predefined
> privileges.  That should be yet another patch.

On this part I have a bit of a problem -- the prefix is not really
reserved, is it.  I mean, evidently it's still possible to create roles
with the pg_ prefix ... otherwise, how come the new lines to
system_views.sql that create the "predefined" roles work in the first
place?  I think if we're going to reserve role names, we should reserve
them for real: CREATE ROLE should flat out reject creation of such
roles, and the default ones should be created during bootstrap.

IMO anyway.

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