* Gavin Flower ( wrote:
> What if I had a company with several subsidiaries using the same
> database, and want to prefix roles and other things with the
> subsidiary's initials? (I am not saying this would be a good
> architecture!!!)

If you admit that it's not a good solution then I'm not quite sure how
much we really want to worry about it. :)

> For example if one subsidiary was called 'Perfect Gentleman', so I
> would want roles prefixed by 'pg_' and would be annoyed if I
> couldn't!

You might try creating a schema for that user..  You'll hopefully find
it difficult to do. :)

In consideration of the fact that you can't create schemas which start
with "pg_" and therefore the default search_path wouldn't work for that
user, and that we also reserve "pg_" for tablespaces, I'm not inclined
to worry too much about this case.  Further, if we accept this argument,
then we simply can't ever provide additional default or system roles,
ever.  That'd be a pretty narrow corner to have painted ourselves into.



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