Heikki Linnakangas <hlinn...@iki.fi> writes:
> The only scenario where you might now get warnings if we switch to 
> upstream version, and didn't before, is if one of the flags makes 
> pthreads to work, but also creates compiler warnings, while another flag 
> later in the list would make it work without warnings. That's not 
> totally inconceivable, but I doubt it happens. In any case, there's 
> nothing PostgreSQL-specific about that, so if that happens, I'd like to 
> find out so that we can complain to the upstream.

Actually, it looks like the modern version of ax_pthread.m4 adds -Werror
while testing, so that this should not be an issue anyway (at least on
compilers that accept -Werror).

                        regards, tom lane

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