> Or, taking the example of a GpuScan node, it's essentially impossible
> to persuade the planner to delegate any expensive function calculations,
> aggregates, etc to such a node; much less teach it that that way is cheaper
> than doing such things the usual way.  So yeah, KaiGai-san may have a
> module that does a few things with a GPU, but it's far from doing all or
> even very much of what one would want.
Why do we need to run all the functions on GPU device? PG-Strom simply
gives up to inject CustomPath if required qualifier contains unsupported
functions or data types, thus, these workloads are executed as usual.
I don't intend 100% coverage by GPU. That's no matter. People who use
massive numerical/mathematical workload will love GPU.

> Now, as part of the upper-planner-rewrite business that I keep hoping to
> get to when I'm not riding herd on bad patches, it's likely that we might
> have enough new infrastructure soon that that particular problem could
> be solved.  But there would just be another problem after that; a likely
> example is not having adequate statistics, or sufficiently fine-grained
> function cost estimates, to be able to make valid choices once there's
> more than one way to do such calculations.  (I'm not really impressed by
> "the GPU is *always* faster" approaches.)  Significant improvements of
> that sort are going to take core-code changes.
We never guarantee the interface compatibility between major version up.
If we add/modify interface on v9.6, it is duty for developer of extensions
to follow the new version, even not specific to custom-scan provider.
If v9.6 adds support fine-grained function cost estimation, I also have
to follow the feature, but it is natural.

> Even worse, if there do get to be any popular custom-scan extensions,
> we'll break them anytime we make any nontrivial planner changes, because
> there is no arms-length API there.  A trivial example is that even adding
> or changing any fields in struct Path will necessarily break custom scan
> providers, because they build Paths for themselves with no interposed API.
I cannot understand... If Path field gets changed, it is duty of extension
to follow the core change. We usually add/modify API specifications on
major version up. For example, I remember ProcessUtility_hook has been
changed a few times in the last several years.

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