On 2015-07-18 02:29, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
On 6/14/15 11:29 AM, Petr Jelinek wrote:
0002 - Adds pg_resetsysid utility which changes the system id to newly
generated one.

0003 - Adds -s option to pg_resetxlog to change the system id to the one
specified - this is separate from the other one as it can be potentially
more dangerous.

Adding a new top-level binary creates a lot of maintenance overhead
(e.g., documentation, man page, translations, packaging), and it seems
silly to create a new tool whose only purpose is to change one number in
one file.  If we're going to have this in pg_resetxlog anyway, why not
create another option letter to assigns a generated ID?  As the
documentation says, resetting the system ID clears the WAL, so it's not
like this is a completely danger-free situation.

Well, last time I submitted this I did it exactly as you propose but there was long discussion about this changing the target audience of pg_resetxlog and that it would be better as separate binary from pg_resetxlog.

It might more future proof to have more generic binary which can do all the less dangerous work that pg_resetxlog does (which currently is probably only -c and the newly proposed -s). Something like pg_setcontroldata but that's too long.

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