On 2015-08-25 14:12:37 -0400, Tom Lane wrote:
> How would they have done that without major code surgery?  We don't have
> any hooks or function pointers involved in the users of resowner.h.
> Certainly locks would not be getting passed to a nonstandard resowner.

CurrentResourceOwner = myresowner;
/* do some op */

> > Say because they want to
> > perform some operation and then release the locks without finishing the
> > transaction.  Adding a zero argument
> > LockReleaseCurrentOwner()/LockReassignCurrentOwner() wrapper seems like
> > a small enough effort to simply not bother looking for existing callers.
> I agree that a wrapper is possible, but it's not without cost; both as to
> the time required to modify the patch, and as to possibly complicating
> future back-patching because the code becomes gratuitously different in
> the back branches.  I really don't see that a wrapper is appropriate here.

Works for me.

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