dinesh kumar wrote:

> Also, I was under impression that, all our TODO
> <https://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/Todo> items are filtered for the real use
> cases. Is my impression wrong. If I wanted to work on another TODO item,
> where i need to take a look.

Your impression is completely, absolutely, horribly wrong.

The TODO contains some ideas that are good but postponed, other ideas
that are bad but we didn't know at the time they were recorded, other
ideas that we don't know either way.  Before doing anything on an item
from the TODO list, you should first read the linked threads (if any),
and keep track when they end with an email saying "what an awful idea".
If this doesn't happen, _search_ for other threads not linked on the
TODO list that also deal with the same topic; note if they end the same
way (if you find such threads, it's useful to add a link to them in the
TODO item).

Even if you can't find overly negative opinions about some item, discuss
it here before doing any actual coding.

I wonder if we need a new page TONOTDO or something like that.

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