...and here it is ;)

--On 10. September 2015 19:45:46 -0300 Alvaro Herrera
<alvhe...@2ndquadrant.com> wrote:

> Anyway, can you please request pg_controldata to be run on the failed
> cluster and paste it here?

pg_control version number:            937
Catalog version number:               201306121
Database system identifier:           5995776571405068134
Database cluster state:               in archive recovery
pg_control last modified:             Di 08 Sep 2015 14:58:36 CEST
Latest checkpoint location:           1A52/3CFAF758
Prior checkpoint location:            1A52/3CFAF758
Latest checkpoint's REDO location:    1A52/2313FEF8
Latest checkpoint's REDO WAL file:    0000000100001A5200000023
Latest checkpoint's TimeLineID:       1
Latest checkpoint's PrevTimeLineID:   1
Latest checkpoint's full_page_writes: on
Latest checkpoint's NextXID:          0/2896610102
Latest checkpoint's NextOID:          261892
Latest checkpoint's NextMultiXactId:  1068223816
Latest checkpoint's NextMultiOffset:  2147460090
Latest checkpoint's oldestXID:        2693040605
Latest checkpoint's oldestXID's DB:   16400
Latest checkpoint's oldestActiveXID:  0
Latest checkpoint's oldestMultiXid:   1012219584
Latest checkpoint's oldestMulti's DB: 16400
Time of latest checkpoint:            Di 08 Sep 2015 00:47:01 CEST
Fake LSN counter for unlogged rels:   0/1
Minimum recovery ending location:     1A52/2313FEF8
Min recovery ending loc's timeline:   1
Backup start location:                1A52/2313FEF8
Backup end location:                  0/0
End-of-backup record required:        no
Current wal_level setting:            archive
Current max_connections setting:      500
Current max_prepared_xacts setting:   0
Current max_locks_per_xact setting:   64
Maximum data alignment:               8
Database block size:                  8192
Blocks per segment of large relation: 131072
WAL block size:                       8192
Bytes per WAL segment:                16777216
Maximum length of identifiers:        64
Maximum columns in an index:          32
Maximum size of a TOAST chunk:        1996
Date/time type storage:               64-bit integers
Float4 argument passing:              by value
Float8 argument passing:              by value
Data page checksum version:           0



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