Hello Stephen

Yes, of course. I will take care of that and send a new patch.
Who will then git push it?

Thank you for your feedback.

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> Charles,
> * Charles Clavadetscher (clavadetsc...@swisspug.org) wrote:
> > Well I gave it a try. I am still not very well aware how the process for
> > suggesting or submitting corrections work, but this is as far as I got.
> > In the attachment is a patch for the missing entry for POLICY in the
> > documentation on COMMENT that I mentioned earlier on pgsql-docs.
> Thanks!  This looks mostly correct but only goes half-way (not that
> there's a lot to this change ;).  The 'policy_name' parameter which is
> added should also be added to the 'Parameters' list below, and the
> description under 'table_name' updated to reflect that it's used for
> policies also.
> There should probably be an example added also, since it looks like
> there are examples of pretty much all the other COMMENT ON
> types.
> Thanks again!
> Stephen

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