On 13/09/2015 15:26, Charles Clavadetscher wrote:
Hello Stephen

On 13/09/2015 14:49, Stephen Frost wrote:

Just FYI, on these lists, we'd prefer it if you wouldn't top-post.

* Charles Clavadetscher ( wrote:
Yes, of course. I will take care of that and send a new patch.

Who will then git push it?
I'd be happy to take care of it, though any of the committers may pick
it up, of course.  If there's a concern about the patch being missed or
forgotten then it can be added to the commitfest system (here:  I don't believe there's a risk of
that here, but you're welcome to add it if you'd like, of course.

Thank you for your feedback.
Thank you for working on this!

In the attachement the new patch. I was not able to create one with both
commits so I also added the first one.
I think that documentation should be as complete as possible, but if you
say that there is no risk in missing the update, then I don't see a need
to add a line in the commitfest.

Thank you also for the hint on top-posting. I was not aware of that.
Have a good Sunday.

I noticed that the position of the parameter "policy_name" in the description list of parameters was not at the (alphabetically) correct position. I changed that and the result is attached.

I think/hope that is now all correct.

Thank you and bye

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