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> Maybe we should not try to be cute, but just do
> #if defined(HAVE_GETOPT_LONG)
> #define xo(long,short,desc)  printf("%s %s\n", long, desc)
> #else
> #define xo(long,short,desc)  printf("%s %s\n", short, desc)
> #endif
> xo(_("-f, --file=FILENAME    "),
>    _("-f FILENAME            "),
>    _("output file name"));
> so that the column spacing remains under control of the translator.

Looks good to me, but there is still a little inconvenience
of multiline option descriptions, and the above won't handle
it nicely.

If people agree with the above, can I go ahead and make corresponding


may be a whole generic option-formatting routine
should be created; one for all the tools? ;-)
Similar to explain_option() of Manfred,
which will handle the mulitline, padding, and other stuff?
(am being half serious here, but it could be an "option")


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