Tom Lane wrote:
> Peter Eisentraut <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Bruce Momjian writes:
> >> Yes, I have been feeling we should do that.  Justin pointed out just
> >> yesterday that .pgpass is only mentioned in libpq documentation, and in
> >> fact there is lots of stuff mentioned in libpq that releates to the
> >> other interfaces, so it should be pulled out and put in one place.
> > It is difficult to make out which place that would be.  You can duplicate
> > the information in every place where an interface or tool that uses libpq
> > is documented, but that doesn't seem to be conceptually superior.
> Duplicating this info is clearly a losing proposition.  But I think
> Bruce is envisioning restructuring the documentation of libpq to
> separate out the parts that are only interesting to a programmer using
> libpq from the parts that are interesting to a user of a libpq-based
> program (for example, all the info about environment variables, conninfo
> string syntax, and .pgpass).  Then the docs for interfaces and tools
> could cross-reference the "externally visible behavior" section of the
> libpq docs --- and this section would make sense to an end user,
> without drowning him in details he doesn't care about.

Right. I think as a minimum, we need to move the libpq environment
variables and, as Justin said, the .pgpass stuff out into its own
section, and reference that from libpq and other
interfaces/applications.  We have had several reports of folks not
knowing it, and it is obvious is it because the info is inside a C
library API chapter.

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