Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> Tom Lane writes:
> > separate out the parts that are only interesting to a programmer using
> > libpq from the parts that are interesting to a user of a libpq-based
> > program (for example, all the info about environment variables, conninfo
> > string syntax, and .pgpass).
> The sections on environment variables and the .pgpass file are at the
> "sect1" level, which is about as prominent as I think we can make them.
> Certainly they are not a subject matter that warrants a whole chapter of
> their own.  What's missing are some cross-references.

But it is a "sect1" in libpq.  It should be a "sect1" somewhere that
makes more sense.

Right now it appears here:
        Table of Contents
        1. libpq - C Library
            1.1. Introduction
            1.2. Database Connection Functions
            1.3. Command Execution Functions
            1.4. Asynchronous Query Processing
            1.5. The Fast-Path Interface
            1.6. Asynchronous Notification
            1.7. Functions Associated with the COPY Command
            1.8. libpq Tracing Functions
            1.9. libpq Control Functions
            1.10. Environment Variables
            1.11. Files
            1.12. Threading Behavior
            1.13. Building Libpq Programs
            1.14. Example Programs

It doesn't belong in libpq, and it doesn't belong in the Programmer's

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