On Thu, Sep 24, 2015 at 12:10:07PM -0600, Ryan Pedela wrote:
> Kam Lasater wrote:
> > I'd suggest: Github Issues, Pivotal Tracker or Redmine (probably in
> > that order). There are tens to hundreds of other great ones out there,
> > I'm sure one of them would also work.
> Why not just use Github issues?

Is Github issues something we can run ourselves?

If not, it's a proprietary system which has a proprietor whose
existence even next month is not guaranteed, and whose interests are
not guaranteed to align with ours into an indefinite future.

In some very important sense, it does not matter what features a
system has if it isn't one we can control.  At a minimum, this means
we need to run it in its entirety on resources we control, and we need
to be able to patch any piece of it on our own say-so.

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